Now you're just somebody that I used to know
Celebrated Gelo's sixth birthday! We arrived about two hours early, we thought of dropping by their house but we happened to stop by the clubhouse first (the venue of the event) and there was the videoke machine.. and the temptation was too hard to resist.. so there. We stayed there 'til the end of the party. We were the only people there, our family, so what the hell. Sang my heart out. HAHA I embarrassed myself singing Maroon 5's Misery XD It came off-tune, every refrain, in the part So let me be, I'll set you free 'cause I dunno when the notes on 'be' and 'free' are high or low >:D Anyway got no decent score. Dang the machine, the highest it gave was 87 :p

When it started to crowd we eventually took off from the spotlight and sat at the back =)) It's a kiddie party. There were games and all. We teens and adults were silently munching on potato chips while kids have their fun. And of course, we're also the supplier in the undying game of 'Bring Me'. Nicole's move was by far the best. The host asked for a plastic comb, and she reached at her front pocket, shouted 'Aliyah!' (her little sister), threw the comb and Aliyah successfully caught it hahahaha it was epic, she was in front already while the others were still running to their mommies. For the piñata it was also funny. Angeline, my 11-year-old cousin, was the tallest among all those kids who were playing. The piñata was being opened, and all the kids were breaking their backs to grab the falling candies from the floor, but Angeline instead cupped her hands and caught the candies even before reaching the ground *logic* hahaha it looked comical.

For the latter part of the party we were supposed to be swimming but wtf it's 4 in the afternoon, it's still hot so Gayle and I went at the park and rode the swing. Shit, haven't felt so good like that for a long time. I felt like a kid again. Maybe the aura affected me too haha there were a lot of kids present, still, riding the swing was something. There were bushes about five meters from the swingset, and I stared at them while swinging. Closer, farther, closer, farther (duh). Hehehehe it was fun anyways :p Gayle and I talked about our high school lives, she just finished her freshman year while I... I finished high school already *sobs* Haha she animatedly talked about her adventures lately. I promised her though that once she's a senior she'd be looking back at those memories as silly and/or embarrassing moments. Well I was speaking from my experience, maybe it's just me.

^ I told you I was enjoying the swing rather too much.

^ Gayle and Nicole on the first picture. Haha! G can't get used to the braces. She just had it.. last week or the week before that, I guess? Her front teeth need readjusting. At the right.. haha whoa that's Angeline, at the monkey bars. HAHAHA I thought it was easy, I used to do it when I was a kid.. can't proceed to the next bar though. I've gotten heavier -__- haha what a nice realization.

^ My two cute cousins! The one on the left: Gabo (Gabriel), Gayle and Angeline's youngest brother. Kid of few words. But very very hyper. On the right side it's Kerstan, Gelo's brother, and he's chatty and energetic at the same time. Dimples!! :")

Came back to the clubhouse and man we didn't get to witness Nicole's heroic act. Justis (her 9-year-old brother) just jumped in the 5ft pool and he was drowning (he can't swim). Nicole was about to change though, she was still in her jeans when she saw and she jumped too haha. She can't swim too but she's at least taller and she kept bouncing and grabbed Justis and got him out of the pool. When we came back she's already changed and they told us what happened. Shit how'd I miss that.

I wanted to go swimming too but kids dominated the population -__- Plus, Alwin won't be, as well as Gayle and Nicole (has no clothes left to change to). So there goes my plans. Sheesh. I brought clothes, soap, shampoo, conditioner, sunblock, even a towel.. haha fail.

So that's it. Mom and Dad btw didn't attend they were on some business with Mom's work, Dad's driving her around. They aren't home still. 10PM I guess. So.. will watch Glee episodes too, if there's nothing good in TV I'd be putting up with my laptop all night. Glee's episode yesterday was..beyond words :O THE ANDERSON BROTHERS ARE TO DIE FOR!!!! And they did the best Duran Duran cover/mashup EVER. EVER, GUYS.

That's it. Uh-huh. And their cover of Gotye's Somebody That I Used To Know is also highly commendable :D
Sleepy lah. Oh before I forget thanks for the SOTD! It wasn't one of my best skins but thank you anyway :)) Night guys xx

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