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Hi, dears. It's been a while.
Anyway previous days were amazing. On the 17th we went swimming @ La Isla Bonita. It's very beautiful there. Nicole, Justis, Aliyah, Alwin, the grandparents, Dad, Tito Bobot and I went swimming, it's a beach by the way. Dad rented a floating nipa hut.. it was memorable. Pwede siyang pumalaot. Anyway the thing I liked most about this beach is that, even a kilometer away, the water's still shallow. Like three feet deep, four feet at most. We'd go far away and the nipa hut would look like teeny tiny from where we are but it isn't deep yet. We swim, float, play around, and there are fishes too. We even saw some jump. They swim by our feet too at times, and I hate the feeling, 'cause it feels ticklish and creepy. There are some birds lingering around, trying to catch some of the jumping fish. It's also unnerving because you never know when a bird would swoop down on you.

And now I'm paying for the enjoyment I had that day: my face is peeling. Sunburned, baby. I am not fit to be seen anywhere.

Still I had my chest x-ray today. It's a requirement for the processing of my medical certificate in UP, a requirement in enrollment.
By the way I watched Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and it was great. FREDDIE HIGHMORE!! Haha!! He was so young back then.. very different from the Freddie Highmore I knew in The Art of Getting By. I also watched Mean Girls and Mean Girls 2. The first one's much more amazing. The second.. I dunno, I hate the Plastics. They weren't so compelling as the original were.

Aaaaaand that's it I guess. I've been inactive even in tagboards, jeez -_- Sorry. Anyway, 'til next update! xx

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Thursday, April 19, 2012
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