Sweet things we don't talk about
*random random* Had a haircut, some days ago. I was pissed because I said "one-inch trim" but it almost turned out into a bob :(( Me teased when I went back to school. Gahhhh. Aaaaand and and and I was worried for Prom because I wanted my hair curled..oooh! Speaking of our promenade..here's some of the pictures =))

Me with me brozzer. Jeeez. Look, I'm only up to his chin T-T I've been so left behind when it comes to height! MERDE. And I'm wearing three-inch-high heels there :S Oh well I've sucked the fact up long ago hahahaha forgive my whining. And zer is me dad too =))

With my parents. In the venue already.

Ze prom! IT DEFINITELY IS A NIGHT TO REMEMBER =))) Seeing everyone in gowns or coats and ties..the occasion is rare. Heehee. Finished up at 1am. I'm too lazy to be camwhoring because I'm either eating, dancing or playing Temple Run. That is it. THANKS TOO TO ALL THOSE SWEET GUYS WHO DANCED WITH ME :) I was surprised that some third years danced with me too. Three juniors did, all COCCs, including my brother. Oooooh and my bro really prepared for prom >:D He bought a corsage for the girl. And he confessed, just a week before I guess. AND IN A REALLY SWEET WAY! Okay Ima spill it here =)) What he did: he left her a note, you can never read it 'cause it looks like squiggles or what. He said, 'Hey, decode this for me.' And there was a hint though. You need a mirror..when you put the mirror in front of the text you'll read 'Will you be my first and last dance?' AWWWWWWW :"""""> HAHAHA. So sweet. I AM SO PROUD hahaha. And the girl never knew that my bro kind of..likes her, until then :D So of course, she can't turn him down then after that, eh? Overwhelmed too. My brother also matched her gown when we bought clothes. :")

While me..nothing! Nothing special lol. My best guy friend asked me to be his first dance, and zat is all. The rest are spontaneous. Ooooh we missed Peter though, Cerize's supposed date. He got the pox three days before prom :( Cerize was very very down because the way he asked her was sweet too (he wrote a note with a drawing in it, a stick figure asking her out to prom. He gave it on their fourth monthsary =D) and he won't be able to attend -__- How unfortunate.

Anyhoo prom was great. My feet hurt at the end of the night. And yeaaaah. Gerard, Ella won Prince+Princess of the Night, John and Gelli named King and Queen and...Jonelle and Keeno won Star of the Night and Knight in Shining Armor =)) JONELLE! CONGRATS BBY! <3

C'est tout. Good night guys, I need sleep. =))

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Sunday, February 26, 2012
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