Turned sixteen yesterday, bby. HAHAHA. First there was CAT training to attend. Sir D greeted me >:D HAHAHA! And yeah the new set of officers were announced. Man how time flies so fast, it was like only yesterday when Sir D were doing the same thing for us. And Kiel, the battalion commander-to-be, was late and had to do ten push-ups. Good times...well anyway, lemme introduce to you Cdt. Ltsg. Alwin Gerard G. Borreo, Company Commander "Alpha"!!! Lol one proud big sister. I actually told him I'd bet that'd be his rank. Formerly Robert's. And before crush, Sir M! Fyeah. And yeah Sir D, I treated him to a soda and a burger HAHAHA that's all he asked, he won't go to our celebration later that day :( But anyway it's okay.

Hey this is kinda odd. Recently I've posted a lotta pictures and this one's photo-less :p

Anyway we celebrated here @ our house in the afternoon, around 3, and it was like..a battalion lol. AND IT WAS FUN!!! Took few pictures. We were enjoying the food muahaha. Anyway we ate, then the guys played basketball, others went strolling around the park and the subdivision. We rendezvoused back at the house, ate again (HAHA) then watched Final Destination 5. Gory as always.

Jacob, Kiel, Robert, Velle, Thur, Carlo and Rowin stayed behind...played around hahaha 'til 8:30 I guess? Then they all went home :) It's more like of a Sixtyniners' reunion..within two days HAHAHA. That's why I didn't feel like it's the end of the world on grad day I guess, maybe because I was so looking forward to this event too. It didn't feel like we're parting ways already...yet. I wonder when will it all sink in... Am I gonna cry before the first week of college life XD

OH OH OH OH today! Watched The Hunger Games..FINALLY BBY. Was supposed to watch on premiere @ 22nd, but we were so busy with grad and all. After Grad..there was my today's the only free day. Went to SMR with Rowin, Jacob, Peter, Alwin, Patricia, Amity, Ada and her cousin, Axl. First we visited the bookstore, yeah I bought The Hunger Games Tribute Guide muahaha ;) Then ate lunch, and man, Alwin and Peter joined forces jeeeez they were like the dynamic duo. Not exactly annoying, but they're practically bugging me all the time. Alwin's my brother, and I just told myself I'd treat him today, you know, for the grad thing and my birthday too. Peter saw that somehow and used it to his advantage HAHAHA. So Alwin's like, "C'mon sis...just one shawarma" and then the two of them'll be eating. And I paid for Alwin's movie ticket, plus Patricia's ('cause she didn't get to attend my birthday yesterday) and Peter's too..half of it HAHAHA. Rowin paid the other half. P said he was broke. LOL wth hahahaha.

**YOU KNOW WHAT? This part's somehow a spoiler to the HG movie =)) YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED ;D
Anyway we all watched..I was braced for the disappointment my fellow classmates talked about (they're also HG bookworms by the way) but I think the movie's great. Seriously. I mean..I finally felt the aura in the arena, y'know? And there wasn't much music, the cameras shaky..but that's one way of capturing the realness of the story. To make you feel that it's actually happening. So I love it. I know, I know, they cut out some important parts, like there's no Madge Undersee and Greasy Sae. Honestly I'm a bit down at them deleting some characters..but other than that, it's great. THEY ADDED NICE SCENES TOO. You get to see the Gamemakers and the behind-the-scenes with Seneca and Snow, which aren't in the book, since it's in Katniss's point of view. AND BBY. I'm not supposed to like President Snow...but...DONALD SUTHERLAND IS JUST WAY TOO AWESOME. Haymitch's fine too XD Wish there were more conversations though. So yeaaaaaaaaaaah. And the camouflage thing with Peeta is amazing :) JENNIFER LAWRENCE, hats off to you. As well as Josh Hutcherson. They are so good.

I can't wait for Catching Fire. That's the best book among the series for me. I'm in for Team Peeniss Everlark..and CF's the part where Katniss is actually falling for Peeta, though she doesn't know it HAHA I said that. But true anyway.

Played at the arcade for an hour I guess. BASKETBALL hahaha did well. Plus racing. Peter and Alwin played Time Crisis 3. HAHAHA and P wasted a lotta tokens..sucked HAHAHA. Alwin's better at this I know. Ada, Axl and I played around. We exchanged the tickets to a ballpen, and rings >:D

That's pretty much it, and I better wrap this up. Tomorrow's the distribution of report cards of graduates ;) Niiiiight!

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Tuesday, March 27, 2012
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