Laissez les bon temps rouler
Helloooooo guys :3 Sorry I've been out a while. Times are hectic. Actually I have an exam tomorrow…still reading the first chapter of our scope right now :s But things kind of slowed down. Prolly due to the fact that seniors' formal classes and exams are all done. :( I still can't wrap my head around the fact that we're gonna say goodbye to high school life in just a few more days. :'(

By the way Mar Dunong Word Challenge on Feb. 29 turned out okay. I was in the top fifty but that's pretty much it XD I got eliminated with the word zori. OF ALL WORDS, A JAPANESE WORD! Le iritacion. Gahhhh. I didn't ask for the word etymology, it would've helped a lot. I spelled it 'soiree' hahahaha fail French :p The words differed in difficulty too. In the last round there was bourgeoisie, which is, for the usual speller, is one of the most abused words in spelling bees. So it was easy. I took down notes hahaha. And Pre offered me to join him otw home, he has a van, and at first I declined because we have a bus, but he insisted, so okay. We also went out to lunch that day hahaha I persuaded him to go out…I didn't want to have to queue and I was craving for fastfood that day too haha. His mom treated me -__- Me so embarrassed. Lol. I said I'll pay for it, she won't comply. These are the reasons why Ma'am Veloso and the gang teased me. Ooh and the third years are so fun to be with! I'm not that close 'cause they're our COCCs, and conversations with them are seldom, but that day, they were so funny =))) Especially Eizel, Niño and Kevin. There's also Audree. I had lots of laughs with them :D

Anyway. We still have NAT. LIKE TOTAL BUMMER. We already took it when we were sophomores -__- I dunno why we have to take it again. Sir G said I was the topnotcher in CCity that time too muaha I didn't know that >:D

I'm brewing a new layout. I think though I'm losing my touch bbys :O

Ooh and the letter! Iz zo flattering *u* I passed UPCAT and I was also included in the top 10% of the passers! I was the only one included in school. I was also added in the group UPCAT Ten and one member said: "We got bragging rights. But it won't help us once we start school." And it couldn't be more true. What if we're part of the UPCAT Ten, we're still freshmen who'll be innocent-looking or what. I feel nervous -__- I don't know anyone there. Shucks. And another thing: we don't have a uniform. I kinda need to stock up on my wardrobe now. I realize that uniforms are way more comfortable than this sheesh. I might run out of shirts. I think there'll be uniforms on my third year. Wish me luck in college *cross fingers*

Aaaaand HG premiere in less than twenty days!!!! *bounces* Me so excited. I think I'm gonna treat my other HG friends to the movies on my birthday. I THINK :)) Not sure yet. But I'm still excited!!! This movie better be good. =)))

Okay enough. I'm still going to study. Au revoir ma cheres :*

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Sunday, March 04, 2012
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