HAI GUYZZ. Yesterday was my high school graduation, and man was it memorable. I didn't cry, though...I surprised myself by not doing so. 'Cause I'm the type who cries for about..749248093136 times in watching films like The Titanic or A Walk to Remember. But yesterday I didn't, and to be didn't feel like the end. I don't know why. It might sink in some time around the first week of June I guess hahaha.

HAHAHA the flyaway hair. Em zo zorry muahaha. That's Kiel and Lyca :>
Jaime, Lyca, Arthur, Rowin, Pre, Robert, Kiel. Le barkada too. I will miss these guys :'(
Alex and Ada! 2nd and 1st honorable mention ;)
Le top three. Gene (vale), me (salut), and Ada (1st h.m.) :D
With our COCCs...*scratch that* OFFICERS =)) Officially as of today, though no ranks were given yet. Ranks will be given on the 26th (my birthday! yay!)

Me with me brother, as well as me mom and dad :")
Us four again, shortly after the processional.
Me giving the welcome address.
For the academic awards :)
Gene and I. I'm gonna miss my bestie so much :( She's gonna be in a different UP campus.

Anyway that was pretty much it. I got teary when we were singing "Whenever You Remember" and there was a movie presentation..mann. It featured our batch (duh of course) through the years. HAHAHA I saw some pictures there taken by me, mostly during sophomore year. I had a phone back then >:D It's really unbelievable how much change happens in people in three, two years. The presentation made us laugh mostly, 'cause our faces were about as innocent as mud pies in our early years in SSC-R and then the transition is very very much seen in our current pictures. Sad, especially when they showed the retreat pictures. :') If I was given a chance to repeat an experience in high school it would be our retreat. I swear. Incomparable...I mean, it helped us there's a lot of bonding time..and the kind of bonding there was really deep. Not the usual hangout at the mall or stay at school. It's different. And we revealed our problems there, our biggest thanks, in short..our feelings. It feels so good. And you can cry your problems out, they'll just listen. *sigh* Oh well. I love you St. Augustine 2011-2012. You all know that :) Once a Sixtyniner, always a Sixtyniner =))))

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Sunday, March 25, 2012
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