Do I make you proud?
So graduation practices started this Wednesday. -__- Okaaaay so I'm holding back my emotions lately, been a struggle muahaha. I think I'm saving it up for the cryfest on the 24th. Anyway...honors were also announced :) Deliberation was last Wednesday too, and Gene's the valedictorian, I'm salutatorian, Ada's 1st honorable mention and Alexis the 2nd h.m. Kinda lazy to put all the names here. And I got Best in Religion and Best in Science too =))) I mean, sige ipagkaila nyo na lahat sa akin ng awards..basta nasa piling ko ang Best in Science haha! Sorry ang yabang ko eh haha. Pero ang saya kasi. Physics yun o =))) XD Then the practices kinda wore everyone down haha we sing again and again and again..but our thanksgiving song and graduation song are both amazing :) For the thanksgiving song here it is:

And the current background song..Carrie Underwood's Whenever You Remember, that's our grad song. T-T Ellai made a special video for us IV-St. Augustine, and that's the song. And it was chosen to be the grad for us Augustine ppl it's much more meaningful. Whenever we sing it I visualize the vid Ellai made for us..and..haha it's so sad. The first time I watched it I cried hahahahahahaha so shyeah.

Okay laugh all you want but I know I'm all emotional. It's once in a lifetime to graduate from high school, the best four years of my life so far. So if you're gonna make fun of me just piss off MUAHAHAHA lol kidding. Whatever. I'll surely miss a lot.

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Friday, March 16, 2012
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