Creative shoot ♥
HIYA GUYS :)) So, creative shoot for the annual. IT WAS OVERLY AWESOME, I can't get over it =))) Pictures!

Okay, here's Ellai, Jonelle, Rea, MJ, Gene and Cathy. We diggin' their costumes. Haha! Cathy even borrowed the sash, from Kim, she joined the Mutya last year and is reigning =))) Some Disney stuff here too. Here's Jonelle dressed as Mulan and MJ as Pocahontas hahaha!

THA GUYZZZ. Robert dressed up as Asiong Salonga, courtesy of Manila Kingpin hahaha and Rowin the James Bond version. Jeeeez. LOOK AT PRE'S FACE (the one in the Naruto character costume, dunno who he's cosplaying though) HAHAHA ALL EPIC >:D And yes that's me at the last picture, Rowin's held me hostage lol :p

TF and other gals :D Jovelle, Lyca, Gelli, Kim, Agatha, and Cathy again. LOOK AT JOVELLE lol stole Cathy's sash and crown hahaha =))

This one's a combination..left, there's Alex, Myles, Inah and Ada. They look like characters from Gossip Girl HAHAHA :D Then on the right, all those who cosplayed. CHARLOTTE EVEN HAS A WIG hahaha. Vocaloid. Rea, Sailor Moon, then there's Gelli who dressed up as Konan, Danica too, Pre at the bottom, Amity as Venus, and me as Haruhi Suzumiya =)) I don't have a yellow headband though. I borrowed the costume from Ciara, so it's kinda big and not my size, but it's awesome. It's my first time to cosplay too haha.

Alex, KL, Alma, Cerize, Amity, Myles, Inah, Ada. HAHAHA Cerize is one pretty pirate :D

Me and the gang :) Carrie, Lyca, EJ, me and Trixie. Carrie and EJ dressed up as casual, Lyca as a geek and Trixie wore her hanbok. :)


Not taken with a DSLR anymore so there goes the quality. But hey we're complete!! I'm gonna miss all these people :s

Credits to Kuya Ronald for the pictres and MJ for the last one :) Okay I dun wanna get teary now. Graduation's fast approaching though :( But hey, for the meantime, this creative shoot's the best! AND BEST PART IS...everyone dared everyone to go to McDo, no changing of costumes. HAHAHA. It was so cool. It's like there's a costume party at McDonald's, and everyone's staring and the crew's smiling hahaha. One looked like "Hey, I thought the birthday party's tomorrow..." (ok corny joke) HAHA it really is awesome. We occupied half of the upper floor. One college girl recognized who I was cosplaying too. Okay to all those who doesn't know her.. (me included, until the day Ciara lent me her costume HAHAHA) here's Haruhi :)

Zat is all. By the way NAT yesterday and I sucked. Won't post it here, it'll be a bummer. Kbai :D

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