Le procrastinacion
It's been a while since I last updated! Well anyway here I am now. Srsly we are all very very busy..especially for the upcoming PAASCU visit this Monday, I mean the school's repainting everything, making necessary repairs, adding bookshelves, redecorating bulletin boards and whatnot. Aaaaaand it's foundation week too! Kinda dry though. No Mutya anymore -.- It's the annual beauty pageant, and Kim's reigning, won't be handing down the crown this year 'cause there is no Mutya.

What else? Oh yeah finished the logbooks. Now it's the research paper we're fussing about. So we go to the library and PRETEND doing notecards or researching HAHAHAHA. Here's what we got:

LOL webcamming (?!) in the library. Kinda cool 'cause we weren't caught or scolded.
Whut else. Oooooh, Valentine's! Not so exciting, since I don't have a special someone or what. But I was with my friends anyway. And yeah that was the opening of our Foundation Week. Started with a Mass. Robert gave me a rose (he gave roses to his closest girl-friends, and a special one I think to..his girl haha) and Jacob gave me..I dunno, it's kind of a mini wineglass decorated with glitters and enclosed in a clear box.
BTW! My latest post, I had my problem solved there. I'm very much okay.
Plus the Field Demo. OURS WAS THE SUPER FAIL PERFORMANCE HAHAHA. Our folk dance was Subli. We had straw hats as props and they were just blown away. We didn't get to use them lol. And we keep forgetting steps. It's just like another practice. Just glad it was over hahaha.

I CANNOT WAIT FOR HUNGER GAMES =))) #Random. Anyway. Danica and Inah got to have 1D's album Up All Night and they had free ballers and tumblers and postcards on the album launch "-_- Me so envy. Cerize and I were really drooling 'cause we are both broke atm and what we're just planning to do is buy a customized 1D baller. Ooooh and yeah we have customized HG bag tags! I designed it =))

Plus we visited thecapitol.pn and Jonelle's so lucky, she landed in District 12 :S Me, stuck as a stonemason in Two. LOL. And! Taylor Swift's Safe and Sound MV here:

Believe me I'm an HG fanatic. Sorry for the long post about it, this makes up for my somehow-long hiatus. Kbai =)))

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Thursday, February 16, 2012
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