Never too soon :)
HIYA GUYS. It's 2012 yeaaaaah :D

So nothing's much important recently. Oh oh oh oh New Year's celebration turned out to be a blast, the fireworks were amazing *u* Frankly, we're just spectators. But the view was awesome. And there were floating lanterns too! Reminded me of Tangled. :D
Another thing. All that time I was just plain nervous. It's not like I believe the Mayans or what (seriously I'm not buying that 12/21/12 is the end of the world). It's just that I'm kind of terrified of the year ahead. Because big things would happen this year. There's school, entrance exam results, prom, graduation, birthday, summer jobs, get it. I'm not sure I'm prepared for all that. HAHAHA this is getting deep, but I'm just saying what I feel. It gives me the creeps, thinking about graduating or getting old or going to college.

I'm two-thirds optimist so I think things would turn out okay.

Started the year right, we attended Church. And part of the homily talked about New Year's resolutions. Just then I realized I don't have any lol. Well I forget what mine were last year, and I don't think they're even successful, so I brushed it off. Now that I'm blogging about it I think I'll create mine as I type. Mmmmmm. Must be little things so they're achievable. How about...sleeping early. HAHAHA this sounds corny. Okay...studies first? Less computer time? That's it haha I give up on my NY's resolutions :p

On the first day of the year I slept at 4AM. Yeaaaah. Well the celebration lasted up to 1AM only and then Alwin and I watched Friends, Season 1. We only reached the thirteenth episode and then no more haha. We continued watching today. And then woke up at 10am, Church. Then 1PM, mall.

Ever felt like a zombie? Walking dead? That was me. January 1, at the mall. Hahaha and on our trip to the mall, I tried to sleep, but I can't. But I'm really really really tired. It's like I'm on depressants..or having a hangover.

Today was uneventful except for the fact that my brother and I did the laundry. Afterwards I went to San Antonio to give the CAT grades to our commandant. Sir D thanked me and said, "2012 na. O, alam mo na gagawin mo." And then he gave me one of his stern looks. Kkkkk hahaha he wants me to study hard. I dropped down to top three this senior year, and Sir D points out that I'm in love, which I'm not. HAHAHA. I waved Sir goodbye anyway. Then I canvassed for the medals' price -.- Program sponsored by Exponent Club is approaching, we need to prepare for the 17th. And the logbooks are still empty. Gosh.

*moment of epiphany* I now know what my NY's resolution is...stop being a procrastinator. Haha! (but no, really, I'm being serious here)
Okaaaaay that was all. I do hope the next months are going to be exciting. x

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Monday, January 02, 2012
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