I got addicted to this game, Tetris Battles! I only started playing about...five hours ago and it was mesmerizing >:))) I can't even get off the computer. Gosh.

Anyway I've been spending lots lately :O We went to SMR last Friday, and I bought The Son of Neptune by Rick Riordan. GODS, IT WAS SO COOL. I just finished it a while ago. Though it left me hanging at the last part, waaaaaa :s And we watched The Road, a Pinoy horror film. Aaaaaaand ZED WON! Champions for InterOrg, done yesterday. Jaezar's part of the Mythical Five and Marlon's MVP. YAYYYY an accomplishment for Exponent Club muahaha. And then we treated the players to McDonald's haha. My brother ate for free. Peter, Trixie and I shared in the expenses, we bought them fillets and sundaes.

And yesterday Arthur, Kiel, Robert, Rea and Carlo were here. For nothing. Hehe just hangin' around. It was awesome, we walked around. The guys played basketball except for Kiel. They settle some barkada stuff :) Everything's okay now. And we watched Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo while eating pancit canton >:)))

Right now I'll be going to Gene's crib, we'd be preparing some loot bags and prizes for tomorrow's outreach program. It's a kind of hassle though. We were about to postpone it but we decided not to and..ta-da. It'll be tomorrow. Wish us luck, and hope it'll be a success :)

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Sunday, December 18, 2011
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