Now I'm a dead man walking
RSPC @ Lucena, Quezon! :))))
Our contest, editorial writing, was over just hours ago. Kim and Jonelle (photojournalism) done too, as well as Gene and Lovelyn (copyreading). LOL so that means it's partying and lazing around and malling for the rest of the days in the presscon >:))

But Gene and I are gonna study too D: Bummer. We have a science quiz bee smthn on the 7th that's why we'll be leaving early too :( Too bad, the 7th is the free-est day of the presscon because by then all the contests are finished except for scriptwriting and broadcasting.
I hate my piece. The title, first of all, sucked. "Standing United" my God what a corny title :( It was like, writing your ideas then a teacher comes in and says "You have five minutes left" and then your brain panics and your hand shakes while writing and you're worried that you still don't have a conclusion and a proper title. So that was a hurried one. I wish I'd thought on that more because the title IS the..what? Pow? to the piece. I mean if it's ugly sometimes the judges won't even read the rest of your editorial. Oh well, you can't have everything in life. But afterwards I bought my RSPC shirt, it's so cool! V-neck and colored sleeves then the logo at front says "RSPC Survivor" and then at the back I requested the print "Editor-in-chief" >:)) Ada put "Editorial Writer". Then purses for my friends back in Cavite. Muahahahaha :D

MJ and Jonelle bought burritos for us. Hahaha the dorm where we're staying is like, in front of the Metro and Pacific Malls. Niiiice. And it's so cold in here, and I'm at the upper double deck and right next to the aircon so whoa :O Especially last night, I was already wearing socks and I had a blanket on and I'm still cold. And I'm the last one to sleep and the last one to wake up HAHAHA Kiel teased me as "batugan" lol it's a native term for someone so lazyyyyy.

YESTERDAY WAS EPIC HAHAHAHA. We played cards and my partner's Roslee. We always win except for the second game, and there were dares >:)) Mark put on fake boobs under his shirt and Roslee and I kissed that lol. Eizel and Jizel were the poorest of the poor HAHAHA LOLJK they got to kiss Tim's feet and Alfie's butt HAHAHAHA. It was epicccc.

Okay MJ and Jonelle arrived gotta wrap this up, til next post! ;)

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Sunday, December 04, 2011
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