HAHAHAHAHA I am so happy LOOOOOOL MY EGG SURVIVED! There were two trials and I succeeded in the second hahahaha! My egg was in a styro ball and I carved the inside and the egg was there, then I used rubber bands to put the styro ball-halves together. Picture it? Well that was it haha and luckily, as in LUCKILY the box where I put the styro ball fell flat. Did not flip or what. Because the upper part had a hole and if it did flip the egg would be like..*dead* HAHAHAHA it's unexplainable, but shyeahhhhh >:))

Lots of things happened too. RS was great! Shopped gifts for my family. And then InterOrg..ZED won 4-0! It's a merged team of Zephim, Exponent and DDC hahaha Peter did great in choosing our players. Alwin was great! He's the main rebounder and defender, mygoats. I'm a proud sister all the while I was watching the game haha.
Then there's the Science Survivor Wizards in La Salle Dasma and we didn't win though >:)) Went to SM Bacoor afterwards, with Sir Edwin and Gene and Jacob and it was like the best day evahhhh. Sir was so comical and we ate at Kenny Rogers :D

I gotta hurry up. Lots to do. And do check out my previous lay in BS! THANKS :*

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Saturday, December 10, 2011
@ 18:46