Logbooks. -.-
It's Christmas vacation and I'm stressing about logbooks. Gahh.
Oh yeah! Here's the pictures from yesterday's outreach! Click on them for a larger picture. (c) Kimberly :D

LOL those were group pictures, with Sir Daño dressed up as Santa haha! We persuaded him to wear that. He doesn't want to because it's so hot but we made him wear it anyway :))) The kids on the right, they're some of the children we invited. Street children from DSWD. And it was touching..when we asked what their wishes were for Christmas, all of them answered "to be with their families" *teary eyes* So it's the least we can do: make them happy that day :)

The pictures are begging for quality :s Kim used a DSLR but I only got these from FB, so I'm sorry. BBL, will be playing Tetris Battles again! :)))

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Tuesday, December 20, 2011
@ 16:25