LAST DAY! Goodbye 2011 :D
So the cousins are once again here, and we've prepared Graham cakes beforehand. I made tiramisu (the one with crackers dipped in coffee) and that's unique. The others were simply Graham cakes muahaha. Alwin and Mom threatened me that if ever my tiramisu tastes...funny, then it's all mine. But if it tastes good I am obliged to share. How unfair. Well, c'est la vie.

I guess we have to say goodbye to 2011 now :) In less than six hours it's 2012. And mind you I'm not a Mayan believer.

2011's the best year, so far. I've learned a lot of things. And my senior year...incomparable. I still can't believe that I'll be in college in a few months' time. Speaking of college...entrance exam results are about to be announced :O PLEASE. UPCAT/USTET. I hope I do pass one (if I'm lucky enough then why not both hahaha) exam, since I never took any other exam. Sheeesh. If I fail both I dunno where I'll enroll in college hahahaha. So...yeah. Fingers crossed :)

What else? 2011's...full of amazing experiences. Though I was in hiatus in Blogger for a long time that I haven't chronicled much of the experiences I'm talking about. Shame. They were great. But they're the very reason too I guess why I was in hiatus XD It was because I was too busy having fun. Haha!

I need to end this though. They're feasting there in the dining room now. Perhaps my next post'll be my first post for 2012. Au revoir!

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Saturday, December 31, 2011
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