Elevator buttons and morning air

Muahahaha it's supposed to be speech choir practice once again. But we're killing time here doing nothing >:)))

Gene is memorizing Ours lyrics. Lol. And we were all surprised because Rowin sang along. And Gene said "Oh you're a Taylor Swift fan too" and Rowin said "My girlfriend, yeah" haha and he said it nonchalantly which made it 7298493 times funnier XD He was a fan of Maddi Jane's too, so we asked "How about Maddi Jane?" and he replied "Well…you know, things change. Shit happens" HAHAHA. K.

Okay I realized that what I just told was corny crap. So. What can I tell? Um yeah I broke our electric fan last night HAHA. I tried to point it downward but the head itself gave away XD

Aaaaaaand we had our outreach program earlier this morning! It was kind of tiring, yes, but the kids' happiness were priceless :") They're street children from DSWD. We had games and then we treated them to fillets and sundaes. Sir Daño was so fun! He dressed up as Santa in the picture-taking. And Sir Victa came too! I missed him. But I don't think he remembers me anymore. He's our MAPEH I teacher and we were the last batch he was able to teach because he retired and went to the US. He came back here 'cos Ma'am Cynthia, MAPEH II teacher, passed away recently :| She never became our teacher because she retired the same year Sir Victa did. But she's always a judge in the cheerdancing competition every Intramurals. Ma'am C will be missed…

I better wrap this up. Lyca (happy birthday! :*) is reading a magazine, Robert and Jacob are playing table tennis, Kiel is hanging out with his girl, Gene and I are listening, Alex is singing and Rowin's playing "Kiss the Rain" on the piano :> Byeeeee!

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Monday, December 19, 2011
@ 15:23