Don't you worry your pretty little mind
Tomorrow! Final day of exams!
So English is okay, TLE...TLE was a bit of a piss-off because it's about solving for this and that (we're taking Bookkeeping) and then afterwards the answers we got weren't in the choices. And Ma'am H already went home so there's no one to ask about corrections. Anyway we finished..then Religion. Okay too. We took the special unit test afterwards.

I'm all about thinking that after tomorrow everything'll be okay..but no. We still have to go to the city hall and attend the sessions there. It's Youth Week, and Gene and I were appointed councilors for a week. Term ends on Friday. And we were excused from Monday-Thursday morning because it's our Periodicals..but then when we show up we have to have a draft of our proposed ordinance D: Any suggestions? I don't know anything :((( And Gene forgot to give me the copy so I really don't know the format and all. I hope tomorrow we won't embarrass ourselves :(

And then there's this outreach program, Exponent Club + Student Council + CAT. We don't even have the funds yet.
And Ma'am R is somehow pressuring...about our program this January. I early as now, we have to prepare. She's so systematic. And early. I'm not saying it's a bad thing but I'm just so *pressured* about it.

And tomorrow's the championship game! Of InterOrg (basketball)! ZED (Zephim+Exponent+Dance and Drama) are already qualified, and I think we got it in the bag >:))) Our standing's 4-0, no losses. YEAAAAHH. My brother's part of that team, great rebounder and he's in it for the defense. Proud sister LOL. And because of that...we have to treat our players to McDonald's. I'm not sure if Ma'am R will give me budget for that so it means I'll pay it on my own, but at least it's the three of us that're paying tomorrow.

Pleasepleasepleaseplease I hope I survive tomorrow and Friday. x

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Wednesday, December 14, 2011
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