Today was a fairytale
LSS for the day :) I watched Valentine's Day and..yeah. Anne Hathaway never fails to make me laugh hahahaha. Will be watching HP and the Chamber of Secrets in two hours! Muahahaha. They're still little and cute and all.

Seriously... my blog's dead nowadays -.- Is anyone still there? HAHAHA. I'm sorry I'm a bit passive for the past days, but I've been really busy. If stress can make people thinner I'd be as fat as a stick.
RSPC's upcoming (Dec. 2-7!) and we have to finish the school issue. Sebastinian Echo's nearly finished and it was really really hectic doing it..editing articles and all. Plus I miss Gene and Ada and the rest so badly, they're at the RAY Summit. MIGADDD. My associate ed and my news ed both gone. So it really was stressful. Anyway everything's done now... I hope.
And Sir Edwin also invited me, Gene and Jacob to a quiz bee in La Salle. December 7 too. We'd leave Lucena (it's where RSPC's gonna be held) earlier since the 7th's just the awarding and all. It's about Science..gahhh. NVM I'm just getting a headache.

Plus the COCCs, they've been a pain in the back too. I'm not gonna put in the details here but we've already settled things, and I hope everything turns out okay too.

Hey guys, I'm more active in Tumblr now, so why not follow me, eh? Kthxbai :3

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Saturday, November 12, 2011
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