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RIP Shaun the Sheep
That was the trending topic yesterday in Twitter -.- WHY. DID. THEY. KILL. MY FAVORITE SHEEP?!

I hate it when people just start out some rumors and then...and then...*voila* people would be puzzled with what's fact or fiction. Some are experts on that field. Like they'd tweet this and that in this very persuading and realistic manner and then people would go retweeting it instead of replying "That's shit".

To clear things up Shaun the Sheep is NOT dead. I do not allow it. Currently on hiatus says Mr. Wikipedia, and I repeat, HIATUS, dudes. Not heaven. Or hell.


Mmkay in the boring department..Ima tell you about my day. Or previous days. November 4-5, we were at the Marian and Vocation Camp. Held in SJC. And it's overnight, no sleeping yahahaha. Registration started at 4pm and then Mass afterwards...it goes on. Imagine a night full of animations, games, group activities, talks about vocations and stuff, food supplies, and you get our time spent there. At the first parts of the program it was very interesting...really. No sarcasm.

And then the games were around midnight or 1am. So of course we moved. Energy was spent drained. And then after the games there were Vocation Talks. Nice timing, really. This time with sarcasm. HAHAHA I'm being humorous, no offense. But almost everyone was asleep by that time. I thought, "Poor speaker," and I tried to listen while I can, but, sorry, it's an act of man and I really am drowsy. Forgive me for sleeping instead of listening. I napped at around 3am...then we got up at 4am for the dawn procession.

ZE DAWN PROCESSION HAHAHAHA IT WAZZ MAJOR FAIL. Picture ze walking dead or zombies in a prozezzion; zat's us (WTH. Z slang dudezzz). I also told Gene (who was beside me), "Don't try swaying me or I'll fall flat on the ground." And I was serious. If she pushed me I'd probably stumble and fall, drunk man style.

After that there was taize and all. Slept through the awarding too, our group didn't win anyway haha. FOR THE FIRST TIME I felt the feeling of wanting and waiting for the sun to come up. It was more like of a countdown. And then I'd look up at the sky and curse that it isn't bright out yet.

I liked the games though! Especially the word analogy. There were pictures and then you'd get a famous phrase or a common word by analyzing the pictures. I helped out with the missing link, "many are called but few are chosen" and summary. If I have time I'll show you the pictures (which I don't do 99% of the time haha).

Previous days after that aren't worth chronicling. In fact they're total bummers. "Revenge is mine," said the Lord. (J used that quote on me) Okay...still I'd like to see that revenge meself muahahahaha. I. Am. Mean. (But not as mean as he is, apparently)

Words are words, they never bring you down. Gravity does.

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Monday, November 07, 2011
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