I have a lot of quizzes though lol.

*UPDATE Carrie just called zomg haha. She wants to come over tomorrow, because she's confused with MAPEH and Math. Maaaaaaaann. I said I'll ask Mom and Dad if it's cool with them, which is unquestionably okay since it would motivate me to study. As in study study. Okay this means I have to finish homework before she comes here. If she didn't call..haha well I think homework's gonna be untouched for the next 24 hours D: I AM A PROCRASTINATOR! FUCK THE WORLD! Gahhhhh I needed to get that out :O

So I'm doing a new lay here, I dunno if I'll be around in BS anymore. The new generation took over loljk. *insert Tumblr endorsement here* Well yeah follow me there bbys! And you can drop some questions too thnx :D

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Sunday, November 13, 2011
@ 17:52