Long gone and moved on
I love The Script :)

Today we're expecting my aunt from Dubai. I missed her lots :") And my other aunt, she's expecting twin boys! YAYAYAYYY :)))) And those twins will be my first cousins in my father's side. As in, I've never had cousins in my dad's side before. It used to be only me and Alwin.

ANY SUGGESTIONS FOR MY PHYSICS EXPERIMENT? Brilliant ideas are welcome. Well the experiment'll go like this:
We have a box. And then we'll need an egg. NOT THE HARD-BOILED ONE :( Just the plain raw freaking egg. Then we'll prepare two other materials, it can be sponge or rubber bands or cotton or what. What we're gonna do is fix that box, put that egg in it, and go upstairs. To the library veranda which is at the second floor. Then drop the freaking box with the freaking egg in it. And it MUST survive. I'm thinking lots and lots and lots of cotton LOL. One of my classmates put the egg in a plastic bag with water in it, sealed it and froze to ice. Then we tried dropping it.. only a crack appeared. But I dun wanna copy the idea, gahh. How about other ways guys? LOOOOOOOL just desperate >:))))

Anyway we have two quizzes tomorrow and I have one homework left undone. AND INTERORG TOO. Tomorrow. Our players don't have uniforms yet muaha. K. 'Til next blog post :D

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Sunday, November 27, 2011
@ 18:39