I'm just gonna dance right through the pain

I freaking love this song. And I'm even prouder that Charice sang it waaaaaa. Fits me so much, the message, yes. >:)))

Field trip yesterday. Didn't feel like it, but it was fun. More like of an outing because we went to an adventure camp and juniors and seniors did water activities. Actually I only took part in the volleyball at the pool and then accomplished two rope courses, and the free time, well, that was the best part haha. Just swam and played around. Jacob's teeth were chattering lol. He was cold. But his face was priceless haha. Hey I'm not that mean! I even told him to go off the pool twice or thrice and he won't. PATRICK ALMOST DROWNED ME. He grabbed my feet and just dragged me around. He doesn't seem to mind whether my head's underwater or not gahhh I was gasping for air and kicking him off.
I really didn't feel it as a field trip because it was just like an outing. It was fun but not in terms of the usual field trip...the best one, still, is last year's. Treetop + Ocean Adventure then Duty Free. :)))

Bus seatmate's Jonelle but I also sat near Gene 'cos we watched Goblet of Fire in Patrick's iTouch XD I brought mine with me and I was so regretting of having Percy Jackson deleted D: After 52 minutes of watching though Gene and I got sick and we just slept 'til we were there.

And now my body's aching.
Playing Sims Social. Hey guys out there playing too send me some hammers loljk. Thxbai :D

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Friday, November 18, 2011
@ 13:29