Nirvana ;)
Hiya guys :D Both the past and next weeks are very exciting and I'm having more than my fair share of elation I guess *bouncing*

Some downsides first. Well I'll be missing school for five days (is that even a downside?). Bu srsly, catching up with lessons are very hard especially now, senior year. Like Physics. I mean, being present in class and the subject's already challenging. What more if we're gone for five days?

Plus my college partner for the SCORES Quiz Bowl backed out :| All college delegates did. Because it's their finals. So Ma'am Rio requested two HS contestants for our school instead of an HS and a college student. Guess who my partner is now? Ok I don't wanna give names but I don't like her that much. And I'm not bragging but I'm being frank and honest: she's not good in quiz bees. I'd much rather Kim or Rain became my partner, because I know I can lean on them. Plus the girl I'm talking about is so busy…she's part of the cheering squad and all. How can she study? What I don't like is that I'll do all the work. And we're not exactly like this *twists index and middle finger* Ok enough ranting.

I wanna enjoy life so here I am. At the mall, it's sale everywhere. Bought new additions for wardrobe and socks. We're going to pack tomorrow, and I'm going to study later. I still can't feel it but I'm going to have my first airplane ride at 1am on Monday jeez. Bacolod! ZOMG

I'm being boring I guess. Well I haven't blogged for a week or so. Consider this as a post that makes up for all those days I haven't blogged.

Oh and yeah! United Nations yesterday! Days before that are very stressful since I can't find a costume. But turned out great. Will post pictures soon!

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Saturday, October 15, 2011
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