Fresh from the City of Smiles. :)
I swear I'll be back in Bacolod someday. MARK MY WORDS. I miss the people there :*

October 17: My first ever airplane flight. I was seated by the window, and it was only about 4am. We went to school at 1am, and the trip + checking in at the airport took three hours. So yeah. Manila is so beautiful from atop before dawn :")

It's really a very very long vacation since we stayed there for five days, but here's a rundown: On October 18 it was Kiel's birthday. And it was also the contest proper for all the SCORES (Students' Congress of Recollect Schools) delegates. I was a Quiz Bowl contestant and I ranked 9 out of 13 LOL. It was all about Recollect History and stuff. Lance and Ynah won 1st runner-up for the Recoletos Got Talent; they danced, and it was awesome. The RGT was very entertaining, I mean, all talents were there. Singing, dancing, beatboxing, ballroom dancing, comedy acts, everything. Afterwards we went to SM Bacolod, at Mang Inasal and we ate there. Kim, Gelli and I sneaked out and bought a cake for Kiel. And the message in the cake is 'Happy Birthday Kiel! aka Budoy :D ♥ U!' HAHAHAHA. We sang there and some people turned their heads hahahaha. Kiel looked mortified and glad and controlled and surprised at the same time >:))

By the way, my host is Jouise (pronounced Joyce). She's nice and we clicked.

Rigel's birthday followed Kiel's and we stayed at his place til 11pm. On that day though we had the heritage tour and the fellowship dinner, from morning to evening. Went to different places in Bacolod. The Ruins were amazing! I was pissed though because I was excluded from the group picture, because I was interviewed for the Tolentine Star, their publication. Kim harrassed me. I was ambushed. Gahh.

Thursday and the SCORES was formally ended. Free time with hosts! We bought pasalubong and stuff to bring home to our friends back in SSC-R. PIAYAS DUDE. YUMYUM. Went home late again. 10pm.

What's sweet is that the next day, our hosts and UNO-R students began saying sweet stuff, that they'll miss us, and some were teary. We took pictures. And they followed us to the airport :")


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Saturday, October 22, 2011
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