I get to blog again! Cheers!

Anyway..I made a new skin. I hope it's okay and that I'm not losing my touch. Submitted the last one too! Please rate it for me :)

Today is Robotics Seminar for the investigatory project. Boring, as I did not do anything except solder around 6 small components. Grrr.
A lot has happened recently, especially in school. And the Division Schools Press Conference! SSC-R was overall champion! Ada and I also placed first in editorial writing (she in Filipino and I in English) and a lot more others. It was held in SJC. Kiel was so happy that time as he would get to see and bond with his girl for three days straight.

I really need sleep now. Exams next week, again. For the second quarter. Wish me luck ;)

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Saturday, October 01, 2011
@ 20:37