That's our TLE IV. Sucks to the max. I failed the exam a while ago I think D: RANDOM RANDOM RANDOM bookkeeping is the English word with the most letter repetitions :)) Forgot where I got that, I think in a grammar book when I was in grade school.

AAAAHHHH I remember the exams *sobs* hahahaha I think I did a poor job. TLE and as I said, I sucked, since my brain got jumbled with interests and discounts and bank statements. But luckily I balanced the bank reconciliation statement (and I know you don't know what I'm talking about haha. NVM, let me keep on rambling). In Religion, I think all the energy was drained from me. So I procrastinated..a LOT. I got the paper, and I stared at it for ten minutes, then I answered the first part. Daydream. Second part. Fidget. Third part. Look at classmates. Fourth part. Like that. So, yeah. Means another fail.

Actually the last day's And I'm online hahahaha. Who cares. Tomorrow's Math and Economics. I'm more worried at the latter. Full of charts and demand and supply schedules and whatnot :s
Anyway. Enough of school work. What else is new?

Yeah I need inspiration for a new skin. I've been out for a long time, I dunno if I my style's changed or what. Help?

Okay toodles ma chere. I need to sleep and then study. And tomorrow's First Friday Mass and I'm commentator. *cross fingers* PANCAKES!

P.S.RIP STEVE JOBS :( Without you I won't have my beloved iPod. Thanks anyway.
P.P.S. Who plays Sims Social? Gift me some Muses or Energy please! xxx

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Thursday, October 06, 2011
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