I'm friggin' sorry.
Haven't updated for a month or so T-T sorry guys! The Internet connection's crappy, it's like we're paying for nothing. Currently in the mall. As much as I want to create a new layout and update more often, I can't, since we're disconnected and lately I've been pretty busy too…

Anyway really happy right now, things are going well for me. I swear I'll be making a new layout when I have the chance :)

Ooooooh. By October we'll be flying to Bacolod! I got accepted in SCORES, Students' Congress of Recollect Schools. Smthn like that. I'm competing for the Quiz Bowl, and they said all delegates are to be joining Recoletos Got Talent…whooops. Didn't see that coming. So that means I'm obligated to sing or dance or do cartwheels or eat flames. LOLJK but anyway, good luck for me. Senior year's full of paradoxes.

Oh and Tap Tap Glee! Digging it :))))) Will update ASAP. <3
Sunday, August 14, 2011
@ 17:36