Sometimes love just ain't enough
That is my LSS for today.
Submitted my UPCAT form. HOORAAAAYYYY finally one pain in the neck removed.
By the way..I am really really sorry for not replying D: In the tagboard I mean. I really don't have time, I might lock it soon, or you may just post stuff that don't need a response from me :)

I really have been busy..and yeah, Leadership Training on July 9-10! Overnight. In Alfonso. And the best part's I'm going with my best friends yahoooo. We're all club presidents: me in Exponent and Echo (I've been chose EIC yay!), Carrie for English, Trixie for Dance & Drama and Lyca for SebComTech. So looking forward to it :)

And lately I've been really..happy, I guess. It's the only word that sums up how I feel :) SORRY for not being active these past days! Senior year's super busyy. Til next post :D
Wednesday, June 22, 2011
@ 19:32