No. Never you mind.
WTF I changed skins again. Gahh. Actually I was only sort of editing the previous one..and I ended up changing the whole layout. I might use the edited skin soon though, not submitting it yet :D

Too busy these days. School starts Monday, which means..I. Have. Two. Days. Of summer. Left. I'm a stinking senior this Monday. Anyway yesterday I did two unthinkable things (for me): I covered my books by myself, and..I got a haircut. A kind of long bob with bangs (side). Hmmm I think it's been ten years since I got bangs again? I've been sporting the long hair look for a long time and, I think it's nice for a change so yeah.

Ugh everyone's been celebrating about summer but we people-who-live-below-the-equator's summers have just ended :O And it's rainy lately in here :(((( Right now, there's a heavy rain. This sucks dude.

But anyway, new uniforms, new books, new everything, so we're all ready for school :) I admit I am excited, it's been a while since I last saw all my friends. BYE FOR NOW :D

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Friday, June 03, 2011
@ 16:06