Fidiguck Phyathigisics
Looked up Gibberish and Pig Latin. This is fun. Forgive the flawed translation, it's my first time.

First week of school was was dizzying. Thursday was half-day because of the heavy rains (actually all the other schools had their classes suspended for the WHOLE day. WTF) which means we didn't have Physics for a day muahahahaha. On the third day we already had exams (quiz actually). Like whoa. Third. Day. And exams already?! I'm starting to hate this subject even before the hard part begins T~T Also worried about AP + English projects which are human dioramas and role plays. WTF WTF. Why are teachers this cruel..I mean can't they wait til about three or four weeks after the start of classes before bombarding us with these stuff.

Plus the college application forms..FML.

I need to stop ranting. Hahaha. Anyway parade today is very, we were late and walked about three miles. Yes, fun. BTW happy Independence Day Philippines, I marched three miles for you today.

After that rested at school..then went to church. It felt great, being there with my friends. Somehow I got annoyed with my seatmates though. Keith was texting most of the time, and Trixie and Carrie are loudly chatting. LIKE..UGH. I was thinking of something to say to Keith without sounding too harsh but Boba did. Still she just dismissed what he said :s And I "sssshh"-ed Carrie and Trixie one time. I thought they were going to bitch me out (LOL like laugh at me) but they stopped. Ma'am Edralin was there! With her daughter. She saw us too.

Then went to McDonald's. The woman at the counter..was a bitch. Srsly. Robert and I ordered chicken fillet plus upsized drinks and she said "it's not available anymore." But minutes later we both saw Boba and Carrie have successfully ordered chicken fillets. It was so much better than my hamdesal :O Rosvelle ordered a McSaver and she was given a value meal, and the woman grudgingly changed the order. Like with obvious actions because she was thumping Rosvelle's food on the tray. Velle also asked for ketchup and the woman asked "What for?" I mean WTF do you care. A customer's asking for it, you gotta give it. So..Rosvelle went to the counter and asked where the manager is. And then they engaged into a heart-to-heart talk LOLOLOL. I CAN'T BELIEVE IT. I IDOLIZE ROSVELLE. I myself don't have the guts to do that. Carrie also went and added some details too concerning the woman involved (she's the same one) who hid at the kitchen. Guilty bitch. Get the hell out of here if you don't like your job.

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Thursday, June 09, 2011
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