Everything I do, I do it for you
THAT is the song stuck in my head. Can't. Get. It. Out. Blame it on Sir Martin, our MAPEH teacher. We were in the AVR (Monday) because there's some short skit and then the opening prayer was..tadaaaaa. A Bryan Adams song. And the video is about the passion of Christ. I really like the song though.

Tomorrow, we'll be sort of doing a campaign. I'm going to campaign the Exponent Club (Math. Yes. Sorry, maybe I am a freak) because elections are to be held this Friday. I kinda joked about saying equations in front. Trixie, Dance & Drama president, joked that she'll dance and act in front, etc. etc. Yeah it's lame, but at least we have an excuse not to take our Social Studies quiz >:))

Physics..vectors. Damn.
Math..functions. Double damn.

English homework..ugh k I gotta research for Roman and Greek gods and goddesses (at least I have Percy J. as a sort of motivation muahahaha) Bye lovelies. :)

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Tuesday, June 28, 2011
@ 18:48