Winter just wasn't my season

That doughnut was history days ago. It's really big, though, isn't it? LOL.
Anywayy I am currently making another skin. Please tell me if the frequent changing of skins is annoying already. + thanks for the Tumblr followers out there! Currently they're 311 and still counting, and it's flattering 'cause I've been a Tumblr-er only two months ago.

Yesterday: happy birthday Genevieve! Collided with her at the mall. And hugged and greeted her in front of their family haha. But I'm happy to see her. And her outfit's CUTE! High skirt (light brown), white blouse, belt, and silver sandals. Like a model or a businessman or a doll. I feel underdressed in my yellow collared shirt + capri pants + sandals. Hahaha but anyway, Mom bought me two new tops: a checkered, brown and weaves of gold polo shirt and a yellow tee! omg I love the polo shirt. Three new outfits in two days, wow I love you Mom.

Big news!

First of all, Osama bin Laden was killed. Booyah. We were watching NBA when suddenly we were interrupted, and *news flash* the Al Qaeda leader was reported dead. Dead. In. Pakistan. Grats Obama.

This morning: depressing. I woke up to see Celtics lost to Heat JEEEZ. WHY IS EVERY FAVORITE TEAM OF MINE LOSING. Am I bad luck == But I'm confident as for the Bulls hehehe.

GTG. Need to prepare for May 4 (start of catechism classes!). Happy birthday Alma! Kk I'm hungry I want dinner bye :p


Monday, May 02, 2011
@ 16:16