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PLAYED IN THE RAIN. It's been a long time since we did that again. :)
Actually it's a long story..I did the laundry today, then at noon it rained ZOMG D: I rushed out to get my clothes before the rain could soak them. Then I just went outside w/ Alwin, Tito Bobot (happy 34th birthday Uncle!) and my 3 cousins. To the basketball court and we played haha.

MEMES! I got them from Friday5.org :D
  1. What puts you in a creative mood?
    Colors. They inspire what I'm gonna do (skinning, for example). Also when there are art stuff/school supplies in front of me. AND LECTURES. When I scribble down notes there's bound to be some doodles and quotes and all :)

  2. What puts you in a silly mood?
    Having my friends around me. Or my cousins and family. I am naturally crazy and when I'm with them, it's not necessary at all to hide that.

  3. What puts you in a contemplative mood?
    Hmm. Usually when there's some sort of puzzle I'm trying to solve. Or when I'm thinking about college..

  4. What puts you in a competitive mood?
    Usually when I'm in school, say, group contests and quiz bees and stuff.

  5. If you’d call yourself a talkative person, what puts you in a quiet mood? If you’d call yourself a quiet person, what puts you in a talkative mood?
    I call myself a talkative person. Yes I am. I'm quiet when I'm thinking deeply or simply I've got nothing to say to you. To shut me up intentionally, you probably have to annoy/upset me. And that's rude.

Oh I'm gonna put some pictures too :) SATURDAY..it. Was. The. Best. Day. EVER. Seriously, we went to Libis in Manila because of the Scholastic Awards, and then after that to Mall of Asia. MOM BOUGHT ESPADRILLES :( I want one too, I'll buy a pair ASAP. And then to SM Bacoor..bought school stuff.

Can you believe that school starts in a week.
Summer's over. And I'm..I'm a senior this June. I'm a stinking senior. My final year in high school. It sucks, but I guess I have to live this last year to the fullest. College's gonna be tough and not as fun as HS maybe.

Kbye for now! :)

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Monday, May 30, 2011
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