I keep saying "LOL" a lot of times. This is dumb.
Brigada Eskwela's second day yesterday, we painted chairs, desks, and the iron bars of the windows (is that the proper name to call the rehas hahahaha). Got my hands dirtayy. Today, catechism classes. The kids already prepared their dance numbers, they look so cute :3

Lost one of my hankies again. Damn damn damn. And Kiel pissed me to the point that I was seriously mad at him, haha. And he won't freaking stop. I admit, I hate being ridiculed especially by a group. Being laughed at. Or maybe I'm just quick-tempered. No, it's just that I hate being ganged up by my friends in mocking me. Is it me that's crazy o.o LOL (there I go again) Carrie and Alma looked unsure on how to react but they did leave me at school. The plan was they're supposed to go with me. But they didn't, they went with Kiel. Then returned to school just before I left it. Rode the bus home together. BAD VIBESSSSS. Don't talk to me right now, wait 'til I'm sane again.


Thursday, May 26, 2011
@ 18:51