I just wanted you to know..
That the three tasks were completed yesterday successfully. Hahaha.
Training fine, finished early 'cos only the ranks were told. We didn't even do laps. Just the announcement. Guess what. I'm now Cdte. Lcdr. Caye Borreo, Batallion N1 Adjutant muahahahaha. Oh c'mon I'm seldom this triumphant.

Swimming..finished early too. We went to Serville Ana's Resort and, y'know, swam. Though for a short time only. Grandparents, me, Alwin, Nicole. We ate then, went home at around 2PM. Which means we can go to the despedida! Yay. Shayne and Riama were already there, chatted with them 'til KC and Beah arrived. Then we were full conversation hahas. I learned a lot, actually. Some stuff from our own schools, gossip about our classmates way long ago (as in, during first grade, like that). Some turned out to be really wild. There was one, she used to be my on-off bestfriend, and she had some kind of scandal at school. It sounds like a farce, because they left obvious evidence with her name on it. haha i'm not telling anymore. That was discreet.

Then we sang, karaoke. WHO FRIGGIN' SAYS IT'S THE END OF THE WORLD YESTERDAY @ 6PM. We were singing our throats and lungs out that time hahahaha. Shayne sang N. Imbruglia's Torn, me Lady Antebellum's Need You Now, Beah A. Lavigne's The Best Damn Thing, and then KC + Beah + me Total Eclipse of the Heart, hahahaha. Freaking enjoyed it. There were Vam & Eliza's classmates (God the boys. They are loud, nicely-dressed.) and they keep walking here and there and it's embarrassing when it's our turn singing. Anyway, one of the boys is Beah's boyfriend. Kinda amazed, I mean you're in one school and you get a boyfriend from another school 10 kilometers away from yours. Hahaha.

Eliza gave us stationery, the cute colorful ones, and at first I thought she was showing her collection to us. Then I realized she's giving it away. When asked why she said her collection's too huge she has to give away some, but I really think she just wants to give us some kind of remembrance from her :)

I'm gonna miss you Vam and Eliza! Hope you both love being California girls soon :D

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Sunday, May 22, 2011
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