Hectic hectic hectic
Today, I managed to stay at home :p Supposed to be at the catechism classes but I taught for two days straight and yesterday was hell. Like we're crazed babysitters. The kids drove me crazy, well some of them. John Lee, he was very noisy. We were praying the rosary and he's still noisy. God. Jade, my favorite student (but I don't show it. I feel the girls would be very disappointed haha. They always want to be favored, Raisa and Alysa, and I do, they're good girls). It's just that Jade is quiet and I watch him, and he's doing fascinating stuff always. Yesterday he saw my bag's keychain, a monkey who has a hole in its mouth and you can put its fingers there to make it look like he's thumbsucking. He played with it and begged me to give it to him. lol I think I will, on Graduation Day.

Tomorrow is going to be a very very busy day.

7am-10am COCC TRAINING omg. The ranks'll be given.
10am-3pm Swimming, yet again haha.
3pm-idk Eliza and Vam's despedida.

Kinda nervous with the training. At least I know I'm part of the battalion staff..but wth. I wish my rank's something to be proud of. And the swimming, after that..it's supposed to be @9am but I told Grandma I have training so we'll be going at 10. I wish training will be finished by 9. Only the ranks will be given so I hope it won't consume so much time.

Swimming again hahaha. I'll be close to the color of coals by the end of summer (lol that was hyperbole). This time it's the grandparents, me, Alwin, and NICOLE! I missed her. She wasn't with us with the family outing and they've moved since the second week of May from Imus to J. Estates. Which means we're walking distance from each other. But I haven't seen her for weeks. Ironic.

Then the despedida..Vam and Eliza are going to the US before June. Sad :s I mean why now when they're almost seniors. (They're not my classmates though, but we were, in grade school.) And we're all still tight. KC, Beah, Nikki, Abby, lots and lots of childhood friends are going to be there. So I think I'll hurry with the swimming part and pack up before 3PM and head to Vanessa's crib.

Jeeez. I think tap dancing would be much easier.

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Friday, May 20, 2011
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