Went to Corregidor this morning-afternoon. Through a ship niahaha, but we never set foot on the land itself, it was more like of a round trip. Grrr. K update next time, I'm pretty busy now D:


Okay less busy now. Gosh I haven't used the computer for days! Anyway the trip to Corregidor was fun. Mark that day: first time in a ship. We didn't touch land though, as I said, a round trip. I rather regret that, I mean, Bataan was so near, and then there's MAAP... >:) LOL so Gayle and the sibs, their mom, plus Dad, Alwin, Ate Joy and me joined the trip. The waves are fun. And I like it if it's super fast, because it sort of points up. The ship, I mean. Imagine it's a straight line, and then if it's super fast it slants a bit. Get it? No? NVM.

That's Gayle in the Domo shirt, me in the brown blouse, Alwin in the black shirt, and Gabby (or Gabriel, of Gabo, whatever you like haha) in the yellow shirt. He's cute, isn't he! I adore Gab. He's turning two this November.

Yep other pictures. nvm my fugly face. I swear the sea looked endless when we're out there.

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Saturday, May 07, 2011
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