Help me unravel my latest mistake

Oh dear. The past two days are busy! :)
Yesterday was fiesta day here in our place. We went to Gayle's house, 'cos they always celebrate fiestas with lots of food and guests and all. LOL, we watched Sleeping Beauty early afternoon, and it was osm. Went motorbiking after that. They left me in some not-so-far subdivision because we saw Gabriel, my two-year-old cousin and their baby brother, and we walked on a place that used to be a lake. Whew I was surprised too. It was parched, with the land cracked and all. After that watched Shrek I. Ironically Tito Boy unplugged the TV by accident at the ending.

So today..first day at the Summer Catechetical Program! Woot woot woot. Kiel and I were the teachers of the day, and boy, was it hard and fun at the same time. The kids are aged 7-10. They're all nice kids and I can see they're willing enough to learn. Some are noisy, yes, but that's inevitable hahahaha. But you can see the really attentive ones and those who understand what I and Kiel were blabbering. Our lesson was about life and it was hard if you don't know what to say next. But they're children, so wth. It was so fun and amusing teaching this kids, I swear, and I can say that 7217349218 times. Lastly we taught them an animation song, then closing prayers.

Bye for now, classes again tomorrow! :)

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Wednesday, May 04, 2011
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