Okay, that was fun. Today, 7:30 AM we were at school. CAT officers + Student Council officers. Brigada Eskwela! It was my first time. It's a DepEd project wherein volunteers clean up the public schools, doing stuff like cleaning the classrooms, dusting the shelves, repainting the school walls and stuff. Tiring but rewarding. WTH, I even rode on a bus with a bucket and a dipper + a broom. Actually I didn't mean to, I thought Dad'll drive me all the way to school. Then he dropped me off to the bus stop. Hahahahaha that was an embarrassing, but still, funny experience.

That means we missed catechism classes today. And tomorrow I plan to, too. I think I'll teach on Thursday, then confession's on Friday, then on Sunday it's the kids' graduation :) I'll give Jade my monkey keychain, he so loves it and begs me to give it to him.

After the B.E. we went to Agatha's house. Her uncle's English-speaking wtf haha. Watched Saw 1 but never finished it (that flick's the most-seen Saw movie I've watched though). After that, Jovelle unexpectedly rear-naked-choked me and tumbled me to the bed and everyone tickled me lol. Went home after getting back on Kiel :p
Tuesday, May 24, 2011
@ 18:22