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Teaching demo today. fml Carrie and the others did not cooperate. They keep making noises, talking, not answering the questions nicely lol so that moment I had an epiphany. I will never be a teacher. Period. Education's really not for me gahh. And then we were commissioned, plus we were given awesome..no, not scapulars, but it's similar except that the pendant's a crucifix. Haha idk what I am doing here. Program starts next week *gasps* I don't like teaching and I hope I can survive this.

After lunch (free again yay XD) we just stayed at the Campus Ministry Office. HAHA and Carrie's crush was there. A-U-D-R-E-Y. We all shook hands with him, formally an acquaintance now and we keep teasing Carrie to him. Stayed until 3. Now I'm home having melon shake.

Have I told you it's so freaking hot in here?
I think I said the same stuff exactly last year? Haha. My blog has turned a year old last March 31! I forgot it haha. Bummer.

Oh yesterday! Lat night, I watched Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo. Haha. I had a lot of fresh words in my vocab now. Man-whoring? He-bitches? Man-gina? wtf for male terms.

Earlier, morning session ended at 12NN and we were needed at 2PM so we decided to go out. Went to Thor's house, with Gene, MJ, Alma and Carrie. They have a shih tzu named Paris (at first Carrie heard it was Prince, she even called it that, afterwards she realized the mistake. haha epic fail). I'm not a fan of dogs though. Scared of those who bite eekz. Anyway we watched Zombieland! From start to finish. After that I can't help thinking of Jesse Eisenberg. I realize, he's the one in The Social Network too right? I really think he's kinda cute. And his goal of tucking a girl's hair behind her ears, LOL it was touching.

We wantum your wampum. FTW

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Wednesday, April 27, 2011
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