A Night of Neglect
Watched Everybody's Fine (starring Robert De Niro) a while ago. Heh. I just watch whatever's on so here it is. Made me cry loads + the choking sounds. I KNOW, I'm an asshole. Anyways I see Sam Rockwell and Drew Barrymore again. lol but they're sibs now unlike in Charlie's Angels.

Anyway, I'm so excited later! Glee has a brand-new episode and Sunshine Corazon's going to be there. loooool like it's just her second appearance. Anyhoo Nicole will be here later for that reason haha we're gonna watch together ♥

Last thing. I submitted my previous skin, and you can rate it here :)

I made myself swear not to be in front of the computer five hours, just like yesterday :| omg my eyes are always teary, so much for skinning x.x i don't want to wear eyeglasses until I'm forty or smthn. So, I gotta wrap this up. Review review review again. kbye :D

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Wednesday, April 20, 2011
@ 13:53