Waiting outside the lines
New skin! Yay. I experimented a bit and here it is. My first ever 100% made by myself image skin. Thank you to GIMP (yeah I know I dun have PS, but I kind of like GIMP and used to it, idk when I would try out PS) and the awesome features and all the resources, btw are listed in the credits area. The effects are not that complicated, and the quality may be really beginner-like, but it's my first try anyway. Is it okay or fail -_- Personally I like it, though the quote's sort of corny.

What's good in image skins is that the CSS is way more simple :D

Also, I'd like to thank all those people who followed me in Tumblr! It's funny, too, 'cos I have more followers there (last time I checked it's 80+) than here in Blogger (which is forever at 54) considering that I've been blogging here for more than a year already, and I just created a Tumblr account about a month ago. Thank you thank you to all my Blogger/Tumblr followers :D

Idk when to submit my prev skin. Maybe next time when I have more time. My cousin's actually sitting here next to me waiting for her turn in the computer (hell she's six years old). So, yeah. Update y'all soon! :)


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Tuesday, April 05, 2011
@ 12:50