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Hi everyone :D

First of all, changed skins again. Actually this is originally coded for Tumblr. I'm still using it there btw. :) I probably won't submit the previous skin yet because I'll switch back to it when I'm done with this.

*Whiny here* Ok. so. Really early this morning I was stressed. The Scholastic Awards (it's a program from my Mom's company, given to employees' children with honors at school) deadline for applicants is tomorrow, and today is our card distribution. But you gotta submit it at the main office, which is in Manila, and the ride's scheduled to go today morning. Dad was there already but then I forgot to give him my clearance and Ma'am won't give my card to him. So Dad went home again. He got the clearance and went back to school in the afternoon but by then the ride's gone. Which means I'm not qualified for the Scholastic Awards. Damn this is the first time since I was in second grade not to receive a plaque.

Let's watch HP later!
Deathly Hallows Part I is showing in Star Movies later @7PM hahahaha. Here in the Philippines idk in other countries though. I haven't watched it yet so I'm hopping with excitement. Right now Taken is showing, which is a really really good movie (starring Liam Neeson) and I've watched it for like 246544156539 times already. lol the TV set's going to be my bestfriend these days. And GLEE's new episode's showing next week, April 20! Charice is gonna make another appearance finally.

K. Think that's all. Ooooooh please follow me @Tumblr! I'm pretty noisy there. And why not this blog too? :) Kthnx guys ♥

P.S. I love The Script now! I feel like I'm such an asshole for not listening to them months or years ago. :))))

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Thursday, April 14, 2011
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