One day

I'm so sad. I really really am sad.

Not because HP is gonna end already (well that's part of the reason). It's because I was totally unconcerned, or I didn't care about HP at all the past years and I can't believe I started loving it when it's about to end :( It sucks sucks sucks to the max. Not that I was a hater before, but I started reading fiction books when I was already thirteen, and guess what my first books were (Twilight saga. jeez I wish I bought the HP series instead D:). And I didn't think of HP 'cos I thought if I would read it, it should have been years ago. Now I really regret at what I didn't do :s I've started reading HP just months ago and now I'm still at Chamber of Secrets and I know that sucksssssssssssss. I envy those who've known HP since their childhood, like they've grown up with him.

K nuff ranting. But really low spirits right now.
Anyway this morning for the catechetical program, we went to the squatter's area to enroll the kids. It was my first time to go to the slums. omg. The place..some houses are standing on cement, mostly just made of plywood (and I think, if your house is made of cement here then you're already someone of status), and if not then the houses are just standing upright through some bamboo or other durable stuff, and then underneath that, lots and lots and lots of trash. sorry, but I can't help comparing my life with the people here. I saw that in their eyes we're sort of elites already, though we're just middle-classed. Our clothing too, though we wore simple, just clean shirts, denim pants and simple sandals, we look more..elegant? compared to theirs. Anw we enrolled 76 students aged 8-13, and classes start on May 4. idk if I am prepared. I don't want kids making fun of me, being uncooperative in class, or not learning anything at all from what I'm teaching so, yeah. I hope I can do this. I'm not going to teach alone, though, Ezekiel's my partner. Then two teacher aides, Joy and Alma. We're gonna teach alternately everyday and thank God, we only have nine days to teach.

Todayyyy I am so much into Twitter again! Thanks to @kielvejerano18 LOL. He always mentions those local celebs. Hahahahaha k, anyway I think that's all. Thanks too for the SOTD yesterday haha (I'm thanking those who rated and to BS and Myles, lol). Kbai ♥

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Thursday, April 28, 2011
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