Okay, that was done.
Hi hi hi. How's life guys? :3
Lately I've been a bitch but I realize it takes too much pure energy to act like one. So yeah. Today went to our school's college campus, for the catechists' seminar. Hahahaha now everything begins :p Seminar will go on til the 27th and we'll be having a teaching demo too. omg. idk if I'm up to this. We'll teach kids about religion and spiritualism and all? There's no going back though, so might as well go on with it :)

Free lunch too. The ppl in Campus Ministry are so kind haha. Carrie's crush (Audrey, and yes he's a guy, college freshman) was there the whole morning and we keep smirking when he's near her. KV. Anyway, I gotta go. And DL some new songs. Any suggestions?

*EDIT, hi please rate my new skin! http://www.blogskins.com/info/362436/ TQ ;)

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Monday, April 25, 2011
@ 18:56