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Last night I watched Just My Luck (starring Lindsay Lohan and Chris Pine :">) and Remember Me (Robert Pattinson). Simultaneously. Like why does it have to be on the same timeslot right? Just My Luck's plot is much more simple than RM, but I think they're both good movies :) I LOVE CHRIS PINE ♥ omg blue eyes.

So I slept at around midnight and woke up at 6am. Yeah I was incoherent most of the morning. I think I gathered enough of my wits because I was able to go to school. Yep, Sebastinian Echo tryouts. Our school paper. Echo advisers Sir Ron and Ma'am Farrah are gonna give us some writing exercises which will determine our position in the school paper. Last year I was news editor and that was lucky--I mean news is the easiest field for me. They give you the facts, you just arrange them and that's it.

Anyway they made us write an editorial of argumentation on the youth's role on disaster preparedness. idk what I wrote. I mean for it to be an argument you have to have two sides right? So I thought we either take part in the disaster preparedness stuff or just loll around. Hahahaha FML, I wish I'd get a decent position. For the features they made us write a humorous article on Filipino traditions this Holy Week. How can you make someone laugh with Holy Week as your topic?! I mean that's a serious and gloomy thing right. Gahhhh :s

And, slept through the afternoon. oh btw I coded a Tumblr skin! You can view it here. I just sort of converted 'Let them eat cake' and made some changes. You can use it as long as the credits are intact :D Kbai.

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Monday, April 11, 2011
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