Lalalalala tonight we gon' be it on the floor
HOHOHO I downloaded the Glee ep16 >:))))) Took three hours. Mom was kinda annoyed at me 'cos I was still downloading (I think 25 mins left) though it was already her turn at the computer, and the Farmville crap loads slowly because of that :p Mom and Dad are FV freaks. Sheeeesh. I mean, I play games, but not maintaining them for more than a year you know. Mom's level 90+ already. Gahh.

K 'nuff ranting. Now I'm converting it to .mov hehehe. BTW COCC training a while ago! The voice test and the platoon commanding test was hard. T.T I mean Sir would ask you, say, march your platoon six steps forward, flank right then have them face south in column formation. WTF. You have to know the right commands. Good thing I'll be next week, actually I'm the one to go last.

I took the periodical exam, finally, and I sucked. 51. Highest is 76. So maybe not totally sucked. I researched a bit yesterday ('cos Kim leaked me the scope, LOL) but the research only earned me five points. HAH. I mean if I really memorized and studied and crammed that then Sir would be suspicious. So, 51. Not bad for me already niahaha.

We're watching Nacho Libre LOOOOOOOOL.
Jack Black is sooooooooo funny. Especially when he's singing at the party. It's his turn to sing at the party. Everyone is dancing. Happy party. HAHAHAHA. (If you watched the film you would get that hahaha. Ok not funny.)

Guess that's all. Oh yeah THANK YOU FOR THE SOTD :")

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Saturday, April 02, 2011
@ 17:39