I slept all through the afternoon. Wow.
Really, did nothing today. Oh and yeah I just discovered how to download-install-use GIMP curves! They're all awesome. I dunno if I'd be making more image skins in the future (actually it's unlikely hahahaha) 'cos it takes a lotta time and I am running out of creative ideas. I want to join some graphic sites though. So I would have something to do. (As if I'm good at those stuff) *pauses* Again, unlikely.

I really wanna sign up for OJT :( Except that the catechist schedule isn't released yet. Which means they might clash. Gahhhh I'm looking forward to some excitement this summer. I wish we could go to Infanta soon. AS IN SOON. And another thing, the Baguio five-day youth camp will most likely not happen. Well Mom wouldn't let me join anyway. It's more than a hundred (around 200+ maybe?) kilometers north from home.

GLEE EPISODE WON'T DOWNLOAD :( Have you got some season 2 episodes there? Hahahaha. Mind sending me ep1, and ep4-15? LOOOOOOL okay nvm.

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Tuesday, April 05, 2011
@ 19:19