Thanks for the 100+ followers in Tumblr! LOL yeahhh like it's not even a month old. But thanks again guys! ♥ BTW will you follow this blog too? It's under the 'biography' section. I'm stuck at 54 followers hahahaha. Thanks much :))

Here, at the mall, yeah. Too lazy to update. I've got one more hour to kill 'cos actually, we just stopped by the mall to buy a gift then we'd proceed to a birthday party for my dad's cousin's son is at 2PM. Heh. He's Thirdy (he's the III. like omg what a way to preserve their name) and he's turning three. I haven't seen my second cousin for a while already, the last time was on his baptism. Which was 2 years ago. So yeah kinda excited.

aaaaand Uncle Vincent's gonna be there and we'll pick him up 'cos he's gonna spend a month in our place :D Yayyyy. I think it's all Dad's doing, because he's planning to get Alwin to exercise and when Uncle's around they're always playing basketball. Dad wants my brother to go to PMMA after high school, but he's gotta be fit. For military training. Long shot maybe because Alwin's around 70-75 kg? lol good luck bro.

And me? Still stinking fat. Well at least chubby. I wanna go exercise but idk when, and I want someone with me when I'm exercising, say, a jogging partner. ANd I've got COCC training btw. Like last Saturday two laps around the school! It would've been okay if our school isn't that big but it is D: After that jumping jacks and everything.

BTW I'm coding a new skin back at home, it's there, lol. I think my time's up here in Netopia. Kk update y'all next time, bye :D

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Saturday, April 09, 2011
@ 12:52