Don't you want me baby
FINE THE iPOD SOFTWARE WON'T DOWNLOAD. God what is wrong with Apple.
I really don't have anything to blog. Life is really boring here -.- It's summer vacation but we still have got some duties at school. I wish we could just burn the clearances and all those documents and get it over with. But we can't so we won't and ranting about it won't change anything. I still am going to school tomorrow too for COCC training. >:|

Periodical too for COCC tomorrow btw, lol I remember what Sir Daño said to me yesterday. I asked about the scope and he said idk. He's always like that hahaha. And why should I not be bothered. The highest score was 76 (Keith) XD Good luck to me.

Yay. I finally put music in my blog. Thanks to this forum I knew how to autoplay and set the vid like that. :p

I need to be doing something aside playing TTR or using the computer all day.

  • Biking? Bicycle always used by my brother.

  • Exercise. Yeah I totally need to. I've been fattening up lately and some ppl are already commenting about it, wtf. My father promises we'd be jogging, then I end up sleeping in 'til 10AM. Great. I wish next week we'll be doing something vigorous.

  • SWIMMING. When's the family/class outing? We don't even have a date yet.

  • Go to my Dad's province in Infanta. Oooooh I am so looking forward to that. But I think we'll be going at mid-April.

  • OJT. I want to work somehow. Parents want me to, too (lol that phrase was weird). I wanna earn bucks for a new cellphone and I've got a reason to be always out and not stuck at the house AND I can always drop by Trixie's or Lyca's house after worktime.. >:)

  • Teach catechism. Okay you might think that's weird, but I think it's cool, and I already signed up as catechist (haha what a religious girl I am). We'll be teaching kids early May. It's almost like OJT except that there's no pay, but at least I still have allowance lol.

  • New hobby. I dunno. Maybe photography or ikebana or smthn.

But since most of the exciting stuff this summer are not to happen early April I guess I'm a prisoner of my own house for the meantime. With my bby and the computer and sketches of skins I'm supposed to code.

OOOOOOOOOOOHH btw I downloaded the new KP Revenge (the free one by Bing) and Eyesores yesterday, both are awesome apps. I like ET! Heard it first at KPR. And Nicki Minaj in TTR4. All the Small Things is good too :)) AND LOOK AT THE EYESORES APP THEY'RE ADORABLE :")

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Friday, April 01, 2011
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